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What is Institutionalization?

What is Institutionalization?

nstitutionalization is the basis for improving the quality of management and making this development continuous. Companies making progress in institutionalization have a consensus on what, when and how to do it. In an institution where institutionalization is advanced, people grow up much better because there is a management environment where data is spoken, there is transparency, and different ideas can be easily defended.

What is Institutionalization?

It is a requirement that aims to ensure the continuity of businesses. It is the creation of a structure that enables an enterprise to continue and develop its activities without being dependent on the existence of people. The company's rules, standards and procedures are defined and made independent from individuals.

Why Is It Necessary?

Institutionalization is necessary for businesses to maintain their continuous growth trend, to continue their work flows without interruption in times of crisis, and to form a participatory management hierarchy. Because today, many businesses have not completed the evolution of institutionalization or have not started at all, so they frequently experience stagnant processes at the point of growth. At the same time, institutionalization creates a strong human resource power. This resource significantly adds strength and energy to the growth processes of businesses. On the other hand, institutionalization helps enterprises to evolve in areas such as technology, information systems, and management systems.


An institutionalized institution should be able to define its current and future risks well. These types of businesses have internal control systems linked to each institutionalization principle. Four main principles of corporate governance;


Fair Management





Today, institutionalization is more important than before for the future business world. Because, enterprises that have not been institutionalized or have not succeeded in institutionalization will have serious difficulties in having the necessary and sufficient power, experience, human resources, technology and information systems for the future business world.


What does the Future Business World want?







Digital transformation

Digital based systems

IT based human resources

IT infrastructure

Management information systems

Marketing information systems

Customer relationship management CRM

These items are the most basic elements that businesses that want to take part in the future business world should have. One of the most important of these is Digital institutionalization.

What is digital institutionalization?

The great power underlying digital institutionalization is digital transformation. Digital transformation